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Are the game have secret room. Or bonus room. I try explore with warp but iya very very hard. Really hard.

There are a few secret rooms. WARP is very powerful once you master it! You can do it!


This is stupid question, but when I want to set like waterfall it says error, any help? 


SET takes two arguments: VARIABLE to SET, and then VALUE, e.g.: SET WATERFALLS T

I love this, its so strange but so atmospheric and i cant get enough


Is pizza a metaphor?


I can only respond from my subjective experience of making this computer game and then encountering the pizzas within for playtesting purposes. For me, the pizza is real.

Hey! The game looks great but there's no audio :(
This is on macOS high sierra, any help would be much appreciated!


Oh no! This is the first I have heard of this happening. I'm very sorry. I'll try to find a Mac I can test it on, but my guess is that the new OS isn't playing nice with the (ancient) supersound dll that I used to handle all the sound. I can certainly do a refund if you don't have another way to play it.

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Finished it, loved it <3


YAYYYYYYY *trumpet noises*

Website is down or something: 403 forbidden.


it is true: it does not exist anymore :(


Latest snapshot on Wayback Machine:


hero of the fjords


I love the game!  But now when I launch it, the game moves straight into the credits and then closes down.  Any way I can work around this?  Pretty sure I didn't find everything...


yes, please open README.ini and make repair to the following variables:





set all values to 99999 and restart the simulation. tyyy

I did this and ended up in an empty room, unable to do anything but walk.


Please find variable ZZZZ and set to 99999, then restart simulation. <3


Really love the idea of combine an exploratory plataformer game with a command line terminal!

Unfortunately, I didn't finished. I will glad any kind of (in-game) help.


thank you for playing Courageous SCIENCE EYE

type HELP at a terminal for a list of commands or

HELP [command] for more information 👁👁

More screenshot and an animated gif please for reference.


more screenshots and an animated gif for referencehere you go!


I like the colors of gren and the glitch affect a lot!!


Thank you! All the colors are sharecart1000 colors but i'm v happy with how the sprites came out.