A downloadable temple

wwalk around in the house

interact with the objects (not implemented)

let's kick it WASD123456 + mouse

music by andy art by max


houseofstyle2.exe 65 MB


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Yikes I couldn't escape the game, taskmanager comes up behind. WASD didnt' work. I got an error that I said 'try again' to and then the game spawned. Some gamemaker bugs I guess.

Oh no! That is troublesome, and I'm sorry it happened to you. :( I will look into this.

everyone: i think when i made this, i disabled ESC, so try ALT-F4 instead. i will fix it when i have time.

Hey Kyle. Tried again. I couldn't reproduce my issue. Taskmanager comes up and i could kill it. Alt f4 also worked. Anyway, sweet game! You are good and very awesome, nice to see you around

That is good to hear! Honestly I am racing against entropy by still using Gamemaker 8.1 so it always scares me when something breaks.Thanks for your kind words. ❤️

lol cool

songs are good too